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Dear All,

I want to disable call transfers internally.Means agent(4002) does not transfer call to agent(4003) or other extensions. But i want to create two extensions as supervisor who are able to take a internal call.Suppose to agent(4001) able transfer call agent(5001) or agent(5002).

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  • Looks like a perfect example for rights management using differentiated contexts. The Asterisk book has some sample code. From the perspective of Asterisk it doesn’t matter if you handle the rights for outside calls (national, international, …) or just for some internal calls.


  • Probably the easiest way is to create two separate contexts. One for extensions where transferring is permitted, and another for everyone else where transferring is not permitted.

    To save unnecessary repetition, create “dummy” contexts with your internal extensions and outside-world “extensions” and include these into the “real”