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Last month I moved a 1.4.x Asterisk install to Asterisk 11.5.1. Everything is working well, until I noticed that Caller ID between facilities are showing properly, on the phone display, until the handset is picked up, then it’s displaying NAME NOT FOUND.

I do database lookup against extension number (Of remote PBX) and use that as the MySQL key to pull name. Snippet below:

— Executing [3175960102@pri:8] Set(“DAHDI/i1/3341905574-1”, “CALLERID(name)=Doug Lytle”) in new stack
— Executing [3175960102@pri:9] Set(“DAHDI/i1/3341905574-1”, “CALLERID(number)U74”) in new stack

It’s like Asterisk is doing a lookup on the inbound CID.

I’ve Googled on Asterisk 11 name not found and asterisk number lookup without any useful results.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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  • I’ve been pouring over that document for hours and am not really getting any further then I had.

    I guess I need to explain my situation a little more.

    I’m currently using CID as a means of directing and identifying station to station calls between facilities. We have agreements with our carries that allow me to set CID to whatever I choose.

    So, to allow our users to make seamless calls between facilities using the PSNT, with minimal wait times, I use callerid.

    Format is:

    [accesscode] [destination extension] [source extension]

    The access code is 2 digits, destination is 4 and source is 4.

    Asterisk then breaks out the original CID, changes it to the employee’s name, extension and then send it to the destination extension.

    Reading the wiki documents really give me reasons why callerid reverts back to what was on the channel originally. Other then it says:

    * Caller ID: The Caller ID information describes who is originating a call.
    * Connected Line ID: The Connected Line ID information describes who is connected to the other end of a call while a call is established.

    But I see no way of updating an answered call using CONNECTEDLINE.

    And, all of my trials have failed.


  • Normal dialplan does not execute while a call is connected. That is what the interception macro/routines are for. That is where you use CONNECTEDLINE to manipulate the connected line party information as it is passing through Asterisk. You can also block the connected line update when the call initially connects using the Dial ‘I’ option.


  • To close this out, what I ended up doing, on my dial line I have it run a macro:



    exten => s,1,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(all)=”${}” < ${source}>)
    exten => s,n,MacroExit