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We have been using Asterisk SLA for a while with Cisco SPA series phones. Once in a while the phones flash, but not ring when a call comes in. We can pick it up and talk to the caller even if that’s the case.

This is pretty random (might not happen for couple of weeks). The quick solution is to restart Asterisk which we are trying to avoid. What might cause this?

Thanks, Matt

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  • Have you tried restarting the phone instead of Asterisk? I don’t think that Asterisk sends separate commands to the bell and to the call LED. Since the LED is flashing, it is likely that the “SIP INVITE” signal from Asterisk is ok. Also the ring tone normally does not come from Asterisk itself.


  • We tried it and it doesn’t help. It’s not one phone, multiple phones do it at the same time. I think it’s related to Asterisk SLA – maybe device states get messed up.