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Dear All,

I have six different campaign and 5 different agent have login on that campaign.*Same thing i have done using agi and database,i never use queue management on this scenario. Agent** can also shuffling one campaign to anther campaign. *
Now i want to do some work with queue.I want to use single queue to managing this.

campaign Agent Login

a_1,a_3 (In campaign A 2 agents are login)
a_2,a_1 (In campaign B 2 agents are login)
a_3,a_1,a_4 (In campaign C 3 agents are login)
a_4,a_5,a_3 (In campaign D 3 agents are login)
E a_1,a_3,1_2
(In campaign E 3 agents are login)
a_5,a_4 (In campaign F 2 agents are login)

When a call come to campaign A that call goes to agent a_1 or a_3 not goes to other campaigns agents.

Regards Akhilesh

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