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Hello List,

I have configure 2 sangoma card each with 8 PRI lines with dahdi 2.6

the problem is i can see all channels configured in dahdi_cfg 480 channels configured but when I see /dev/dahdi i can only see 240 channels.

what could be problem I am using it wanrouter and when I put PRI in new card i only got calls on new line that means one of the card is inactive at same time all the lines and alarms are okay only suspected thing is

is there nany setting in linux or kernel level which need to be set for solve this issue.

any help appreciated.

Thanking You


One thought on - Dahdi Configuration Issue

  • Did you open a ticket at Sangoma-Site?
    What wanpipe driver version do you use?
    Is it a production machine? Or can you test it in that way, that you crossover lines from one card to the other?

    Am 04.09.2013 10:48, schrieb DHAVAL INDRODIYA: