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Will Keypress option will work when am in the queue and hearing MoH?

Lets say a caller is waiting in queue and while he is hearing MoH, can he key in some DTMF and go to some other queue? is that possible?


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  • Yes you can. Check the ‘context’ parameter in queues.conf. When caller presses a single digit extension while waiting in a queue, (s)he’ll be taken out of queue to this context. Then you can send caller to different queue from this context.

    –Satish Barot Ahmedabad, India.

  • Yes it will work. One interesting option here is adding to the MOH an invitation to exit and leave your number and the CC will call you back. Helps you smooth the load during peak times, reduces staff and everyone wins 🙂

    2013/8/27 Gopalakrishnan N