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is anybody out there who can set the outgoing caller id on ISDN (CAPI
or misdn) channels? I’ve tryed everything what I found in forums, os but no luck. I use a fritz card with CAPI in my first installation (1 BRI), and a hfc 4 port bri card with misdn on other. The first installation have p-t-mp configuration, the second one is p-t-p. Both configuration is EuroISDN in Hungary.

So, can anybody help me?

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  • Have you checked with your Telco if they allow you to change the callerid? If yes, are you setting the callerid to a number that you are allowed to use? You can’t just set callerid to any number you like. You must “own” the number which you want to set callerid to. I have no problem setting the callerid on outgoing calls via chan_capi to one of the numbers that the telco assigned to me.

    Regards, Patrick

  • Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 8:41:18 PM, Patrick wrote:

    Yes, of course I want to set our assigned numbers, becuse the called party sees “Unknown” now.

  • First you need to discuss with your telco whether you can do this on your lines. They may not allow it at all, but if they don’t, they should at least set it to something other than “Unknown” for you. You need to talk to them.

    Then, if they do allow you to set it, and it still doesn’t work for you, please post your code to the list so we can see where you may have gone wrong.