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Hi, I’m trying to connect to the asterisk pbx via wss, from demo page (

I used the guide from , to setup the tls. I could make a secure sip call ( SRTP) using the PhonerLite sip client. ( This confirms my sip – tls settings and tls certficates. (
I’d added the tls client certficate file to the configuration of the the sip client)

In the WSS option, I assume browsers negotiates for the the tls certficate and keys.

Below are my debug code and the brief logs, http.conf :
Here, ssl_err is my addition to debug further, in main/tcptls.c

************************Start of of Modified code in main/tcptls.c
#ifdef DO_SSL
else if ( (tcptls_session->ssl SSL_new(tcptls_session->parent->tls_cfg->ssl_ctx)) ) {
SSL_set_fd(tcptls_session->ssl, tcptls_session->fd);
if ((ret = ssl_setup(tcptls_session->ssl)) <= 0) { ssl_err=SSL_get_error(tcptls_session->ssl,ret);
ast_verb(2, “Problem setting up ssl connection:ssl_err=%d, %s\n”, ssl_err,ERR_error_string(ERR_get_error(), err));
if(ssl_err==SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL) {
if( ret == -1)
ast_verb(2, “Problem setting up ssl connection:ret=%d,ssl_err=%d,errno=%d,sys error:%s\n”,ret,ssl_err,errno,strerror(errno));
else if (ret == 0)
ast_verb(2, “Problem setting up ssl connection:ret=%d, ssl_err=%d, an EOF was observed that violates the protocol\n”,ret,ssl_err);

} else {

************************End of Modified code main/tcptls.c ******************

Error Logs: