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Hi all,

I had a scary thing happen to me when I did my database backup last night. Within seconds of starting the backup script, ALL of my real time sip peers disappeared!

All of my voicemailboxes, voicemail messages, and sip peers are in a Mysql database.

I was able to do a database backup 3 days ago without any incedent. Now suddenly, the whole thing comes crashing down.

I also notice that while the backup is running, my other queries block, which is probably why my peers disappear.

I’ll be posting to the mysql list as well, but has any Asterisk user seen this before?


Mike Diehl.

2 thoughts on - Backing Up DB Kills RT Peers

  • try mysqldump -q instead of just mysqldump. That will send output as its available instead of waiting for mysql to collect it all (which might be the cause of your problem – collecting it all means gathering it all in ram, usually.)

  • Depending on how you are doing the backup, MySQL may lock the entire database.

    For one of my clients I scripted up a backup procedure that dumped the database table by table to reduce the impact.