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Hi all,

After being up and running for almost 2 years, we finally had to reboot one of our servers. Now, however, it’s having “problems.”

We’re using real-time configuration for SIP peers and voicemail, via ODBC.

But when I run “sip show peers” I don’t get anything. Even when I
load a known peer by name, nothing happens:

sip show peer voice12 load

This command just returns, with no output.

It did occur to me that I might be having a problem with ODBC. However, when I show the status, I get good results:

ODBC DSN Settings

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  • throwing out a random idea since it’s early in the morning and you might be in a big jam…

    assuming the sip isnt working correctly at all (and its not just a console issue),

    after asterisk is started, perhaps try core set verbose 10, core set debug 10, module unload, and module load . if there are any errors loading the module it may be easy to spot them.

  • I appreciate your quick response. I issued the commands specified and got NO output!

    ==============================================CLI> core set verbose 10
    Verbosity was 25 and is now 10
    CLI> core set debug 10
    Core debug was 25 and is now 10
    CLI> module unload CLI> module load CLI>
    The reason we had to reboot the machine is that we changed it’s physical location, but didn’t change it’s IP address. As part of the restart, I also took the opportunity to rebuild a RAID-1 array. Other than that, there have been no configuration changes since the last time this worked.

    Any other ideas?


  • Are the phone still working? I’ve noticed that realtime registered peers don’t always show when I do “sip show peers” or even “sip show peer *name*”. I usually only see the peer if I make a call to the peer or the peer makes a call first.

    Do you have rtcachefriends=yes in your sip.conf?

  • No, my phones aren’t getting a response from the server. I can’t even get any output from the server if I do:

    sip show peer load

    This command usually loads the peer from the db and shows me it’s configuration. In this case, I get nothing.

    I do have rtcachefriends=yes in my sip.conf. In fact, this server has a virtually identical configuration to one that is already running.
    (I sync the configurations using unison.)

    I don’t THINK this is a configuration issue. Any ideas, though?


  • We got it fixed! Our co-lo is in the process of doing a network reconfiguration/relocation and had changed their MTU to 1400 during the transition.

  • Yes, it should have, but I don’t think it’s turned on by default… Anyway, this lower MTU setting is just temporary, so I’ll just live with it for now.

    Thanks for your assistance.