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Hello Folks,

I am setting up a call center but we have few agents so one agent is able to handle calls of different languages and different queues. For the agent to identify the caller, I want a popup to appear as the phone starts to ring with the caller’s number, language (selected in the IVR), Queue (sales, support etc) and any other information (e.g a URL with parameters)

I can send this information either via netcat (to a client such as yac) to a Windows PC but the problem is I do not know when the caller is about to be connected to the agent, so that I run the command. If I
wasn’t using queues, it would be easy because I would run the netcat command and then dial the user’s extension.

My Question is: Is there a way I can know when the caller is just about to be connected to an agent (when the agent’s SIP extension starts ringing)?

There are these settings setinterfacevar, setqueueentryvar, setqueuevar in queues.conf but when can I use them?

Have you guys been in this situation before? Any alternative solutions
(sending caller info to an agent)?

I am using Asterisk 11 and Windows 7 PCs for agents.

Thank you!

Kind Regards, Wilson

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  • Hi,

    Our queue members are Local channels, thus when dialing the agent, the dialplan will do several stuff including:

    UserEvent(something,data: ${bunch-of-data-in-some-format})

    The UserEvent will be picked up by our client-register-ticket-stuff software

    The announcement A() will be heard by the agent upon answering the call like “sales call”

  • Dear Mitch,

    Thank you so much. This partly solves my problem by a great deal, as we’ll send a message to the agent immediately on picking the call. As the agents are local SIP channels, I will attempt looking up the caller’s name (if it exists in our database) and set it prior to entering the queue.

    Is there any way of informing the agent (just) before they pick up?
    e.g when their phone starts ringing, so that they prepare accordingly?

    Regards, Wilson

  • Dear Tiago,

    Thanks for your answer, but I have a few questions.

    Do you use queues? We are operating a call centre with several queues, so I don’t see how we would use the Dial command. When a call comes in, we enter the caller (depending on what options he has selected)
    into a queue. Do you have any alternative method, which would involve dialling the agent directly as you described below?

    regards, T

  • Hi,

    You just said you use Local channels. Local channel is a dialplan that has a Dial() to a sip device?

    We use queues, and have a queue-macro that sends the UserEvent upon bridging the call…

  • You need to do this when the call connects. If you can do this within a couple of seconds, this is usually “good enough” to be usable (that’s what we do on the QueueMetrics agents pages). Thanks l.

    2013/8/3 Timothy Smith