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Is there an easy way to have app_meetme create the recording in a temp location and move it once the conference is over?

or should I just have a perl script run every minute to check for no users in the conference room and then move it?

Asterisk 11

Thanks in advance!

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  • Why not use confbridge?
    the new version introduced in asterisk 10 runs in asterisk and so doesnt require DAHDI to work. This has performance benefits as a kernel timing source can be used. confbridge can also send out asterisk manager events so you can simple have something logged into the ami interface listening for just these events and then deal with the corresponding recordings as they come in.

  • Its the only way you can do it. Confbridge doesnt use a database or config file to store the conference details and pin codes. You need to manage all that yourself in the dialplan and then call confbridge to actually create or have callers added to a conference. More of a pain for very basic usage but much more flexible when hosting multiple conferences.