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When I compare my total minutes on the bill from VoIP Innovations, to the number from our CDRs, I’m finding a smalish (3-4%) discrepancy in the count of minutes. I’m wondering why it’s there.

Are there different methods of counting the billable start or end point of a phone call?

If it matters, I’m counting more termination minutes than they are and they’re counting more origination minutes than I am.

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  • May be as simple as this:

    When you terminate a call you start the call before they even get it.

    When they originate a call, they start the call before you get it.

    Just a guess without really thinking about this too much.

  • If I remember correctly, they bill in sub-minute increments, something like
    60 second minimum, then every 6 seconds after that. In other words, if you have a 20 second call, it’s billed as 60 seconds, however, if you have a 62
    second call, it’s billed as 66. I don’t remember what they’re specific increments are, but I don’t believe it was a straight bill.

    Are you finding that you’re off by just a few seconds per call, or by minutes? When you say you’re off by 3-4%, are you saying your CDR reports
    100 minutes on a call and they are showing 104 minutes, or vice versa?