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Hi All:

Has anybody tackled the latest Google Voice issue where incoming and outgoing calls for certain Google Voice accounts fail?

I have filed the bug report with details

For incoming calls Asterisk does not reply to the initial XML request coming from Google Voice. Detailed comparison to a successful call initiation shows the lack of the “nick:” structure in the failed request.

Outgoing calls connect intermittently, but no sound path gets established.

Any ideas?

Thank you, Vladimir

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  • A quick update.

    The “nick:” theory was proven to be wrong. The incoming calls consistently fail with or without “nick:” tag.

    I am concentrating on the incoming calls for now.


  • If anybody reads this thread here is the solution.

    It appeared to be some strange corruption of my Asterisk. As I started debugging and recompiled everything returned back to normal.

    What still puzzles me how some Google Voice accounts continued working all the time.