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Hello everyone,

My setup:
Debian squeeze Asterisk 1.8, DAHDI, libpri, compiled from source TE110P, attached to a Deutsche Telekom Octopus E Modell 300/800

I’m trying to get MWI for Voicemail working. In the same server I have also got an Eicon DIVA PRI card for testing purposes (it is integrated via CAPI and the chan-capi channel driver into my Asterisk). MWI works just fine there.

I read through chan_dahdi.conf and have some questions:

1. The documentation of mwi_mailboxes says: “You can give a comma separated list of up to 8 mailboxes per span.”

Is this constraint really existing? How am I supposed to use the MWI
feature in even a semi-professional environment? My PBX is used in a non-commercial project, but I have connected about 50 phones to my PBX, though, and it is interconnected with two further PBXs which would also need voicemail with MWI…

2. How can I set the MWI origin number?

3. Are there any debug possibilities for MWI?

Thanks in advance,


One thought on - Questions About Chan_dahdi, PRI, MWI (and Q.SIG)

  • This option is intended for BRI spans communicating to a group of ISDN
    phones connected to that span and the Asterisk server is handling voicemail itself.

    Other than the limited support for sending MWI messages to ISDN phones on BRI lines there is no other ISDN MWI support.