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Hello everyone. I want to migrate an old PBX which uses the Е1-PRI from one Telecom to VOIP by transparently moving the numbers one by one. I mean that the numbers that the PBX handle must be transparently moved from one operator to another. The old connection to the PBX is Е1-PRI and we must preserve that because no one knows how to configure this PBX. So my idea is to connect a PC with 2 ports E1 module between the PBX and the old telecom. One port of the module will be connected to the telecom’s wire and the other port will be connected to the PBX. This PBX will be powered with Asterisk of course so it will be able to connect by SIP
trunk to the alternative VoIP telecom. So my question is will I be able to transfer the calls from one E1 port to other? Could I be able to specify the difference clock source for the both ports?

Thanks in advance. Dimitar

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  • Yes, you will be able to transfer calls between the E1 ports without a problem. As far as timing goes, the PBX will not be a clock source. You need to configuring your timing setup so that Asterisk takes timing from the Telecom PRI and then sources clock to the PBX. The PBX will take timing from Asterisk.

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