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I use asterisk 1.8.

My issue is : I have the same SIP members added to two queues. I use Realtime configuration and has set the field ringinuse=0 for both the queues. But if an extension is answering the call in one queue, and some new call comes in the second queue, still that extension is ringed. In the queue_log table I am getting RINGNOANSWER events each second for the extension until the call gets answered.

Is this a normal behaviour ? Can we prevent it? Can we set “not to ring” any queue member if he is answering a call either in the same queue or a different queue? Pls guide me.

Regards Shanavaz.

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  • Hi,

    I found in another mail that setting call-limit=1 in the sip configuration works. I tried that. It works but in that case the agents are not able to transfer the call to another extension, because only one call is allowed at a time.

    Any other methods ?

    Thanks & Regards Shanavaz.

  • I have, Realtime queue table with ringinuse set to 0, callcounter set to yes in sip .conf for my SIP members. Above allows me Queue not sending a call to a member when (s)he is on call(Be it from same Queue or any other call). Member can also transfer(through features.conf) a call without any issue.

    call-limit I think is deprecated in 1.8.

    –Satish Barot Ahmedabad, India