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As an exercice, I installed sipp on the same box as a Asterisk 11.4
instance (to keep network equipements out of the equation).

I’m focusing on the maximum number of new calls this Asterisk instance can deal with.

Here is the dialplan (AEL) I’m playing with:
_X. => {
Verbose(0,Incoming call from ${CALLERID(num)} to ${EXTEN} in
${CONTEXT} – case A);

For now, I’m repeatedly hitting a 35 cps limit (with a small 4% failure rate, all of them occuring at the end of a 200 calls wave).

When this occurred for the first time, I could read a “Too many open file”
error while sipp calls failed. At that time, ulimit and stack wre respectively set to 2048 and 8192.

Then I increased those settings to 32768 (from 2048) and 2048 (unchanged).

Now I’m still hitting the same 35 cps limit but Asterisk displays :
res_musiconhold.c:343 ast_moh_files_next: Unable to open file
‘/var/lib/asterisk/moh/reno_project-system’: No such file or directory

As you may guess, the above file exists so I suppose I’m hitting another limit but I can’t find it.

Suggestions ?


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  • Hi,

    where did you change the ulimit? The following command should show you, if your setting is correct:

    asterisk -rx “ulimit descriptors”

    In my installation I edited the limits here:

    vi /etc/security/limits.conf
    asterisk soft nofile 8192
    asterisk hard nofile 32768

    This assumes, that asterisk runs under the user “asterisk” (first column is the user). I am not sure if a reboot is neccessary after changing this file. Give it a try and check the asterisk process with the above given command.


    Am 21.06.2013 23:23, schrieb Olivier: