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I have providers configured that send me incoming calls via SIP. There’s one that seems to make trouble. As soon as I get a few concurrent calls through this peer, Asterisk CPU load goes up to 250%, audio becomes laggy and I get hundreds of these per second in the logs:

[Jun 20 20:00:16] WARNING[1206][C-00000001] channel.c: Exceptionally long queue length queuing to SIP/provider11-00000001

And the following is what I always get every few seconds for every call via this peer. I think this only happens when I’m answering the call in Asterisk itself, i.e. right now I’m just streaming MusicOnHold to callers.

[Jun 20 20:00:22] NOTICE[1206][C-00000001] channel.c: Dropping incompatible voice frame on SIP/provider11-00000001 of format ulaw since our native format has changed to (alaw)

Peer config

type=peer insecure=port,invite context=provider-in disallow=all allow=alaw canreinvite=no dtmfmode=rfc2833

Before I had

allow=ulaw allow=alaw

and removed the ulaw codec hoping that the above NOTICEs might disappear, but without success.

Asterisk 11.4.0-1 from the official repository under CentOS 6.4 64bit.

Help! 🙂