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I am new to Asterisk. I’m using it behind a kamailio sip-router to provide voicemail boxes to sip-users. I followed these instruction: to set everything up, using ARA with a MySQL DB.

After a few tweaks “everything” is basically working, however, a few questions remain that I could not find clear answers for – anywhere. Maybe some of the experts can help a little …

So far, “my” Asterisk DB features 1 table (“voicemessages”) and 2 views (“vmusers” and “sipusers”).

“vmusers” shows the following columns: uniqueid, customer_id, context, mailbox, password, fullname, email, pager, stamp
(“sipusers” shows: name, defaultuser, type, secret, host, callerid, context, mailbox, nat, qualify, fromuser, fromuser, authuser, fromdomain, insecure, canreinvite, disallow, allow, restrictcid, defaultip, ipaddr, port, regseconds)


1) In “vmusers”, the content for column “fullname” is composed from 2 columns (i.e. first_name, last_name) of the kamailio subscriber table that do not even “natively” exist there, but were manually added by me (to comply with the instructions). Q1a: Is the fullname column in the “vmusers” view mandatory for Asterisk to function properly? “fullname” might always stay empty… Q1b: Is the stamp column in the “vmusers” view mandatory for Asterisk to function properly?

2) in “my” world, sip-users have a language. At certain points, Asterisk will communicate with “my” users regarding voicemail. e.g.: a) Asterisk delivers the message left as a wav-attachment by email, b) VoicePrompts guide the user through the voicemail-menu So far, I am able to hard-code the language for the voiceprompts in extension.conf with Set(CHANNEL(language)=fr). But this set the language for everybody. Also, you can customise the email template ($emailbody, etc) for voicemail delivery in voicemail.conf. However, this is also covers one language only. Q2a: How can configure Asterisk I pick the voicemail-prompts of the respective sip-users language?
Q2b: Is it useful for that purpose, to add a “language” column to the “vmusers” view ?
Q2c: Where can language-specific email-templates for voicemail delivery be supplied and how can be achieved that the correct one is used ?

3) I would also like to use Asterisk as a SIP client (since Kamailio can’t do this). Each “vmuser” may have one or many SIP accounts with foreign registrars. I would like Asterisk to register those accounts with their registrars and forward incoming calls to the kamailio (parent) account that the vmuser owns.
(The kamailio (parent) account -in turn- shall forward this call to the user’s asterisk voice-box, if the user is busy/not-registered/etc ). Q3a: How can I use ARA to configure Asterisk as a SIP client to act in the described fashion ?
Q3b: Is it useful/necessary for that purpose, to host dial-plans in the MySQL-DB as well ?

Q4: Can you point to some documentation that explains ARA a little more in depth and possibly illustrates a few examples?

For any hint – thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,