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Anyone try this? I saw a post here:


But not sure if it’s possible. What I am asking is if there are any T1
cards with virtual functions implemented in their drivers to allow pci-passthrough?

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  • PCI pass through is a function of the virtual machine’s host system, not with the t1 card drivers.

  • Hello James,

    Thank you so much for your response. I should have chose my words carefully. PCI pass-through in terms of virtualization of devices and it’s draw back are well know. I was leaning more towards near host performance virtualization using SR-IOV.

    This moves emphasis back to the production drivers of the interface card using virtual functions etc., and can provide near host performance. Rephrasing my question, are any of the T1 pci manufactures providing support for virtualization using SR-IOV and virutal functions?

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  • I know I am late in the show, but what are the drawbacks as far as using Asterisk is concerned?

  • Asterisk does fine in a virtual instance. The key is finding hardware that would support more than just virtualization (i.e., SR-IOV)…. Not sure if such a card exist.