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we have a small problems.

We have a Asterisk 1.6.1 old server with music on old.

we have updated to AsteriskNow 11.4.0

and now, when we want play sound, we have a errors:

— Executing [334xx@Accueil_HNO:2] BackGround(“SIP/SIP000005-0000000c”,
“Fermeture”) in new stack
[Jun 16 07:35:06] WARNING[7634][C-00000006]: file.c:701
ast_openstream_full: File Fermeture does not exist in any format
[Jun 16 07:35:06] WARNING[7634][C-00000006]: file.c:1017 ast_streamfile:
Unable to open Fermeture (format (alaw)): No such file or directory
[Jun 16 07:35:06] WARNING[7634][C-00000006]: pbx.c:11180
pbx_builtin_background: ast_streamfile failed on SIP/SIP000005-0000000c for Fermeture
— Executing [334xx@Accueil_Phibee_HNO:4]
Hangup(“SIP/SIP000005-0000000c”, “”) in new stack
== Spawn extension (Accueil_HNO, 334xx, 4) exited non-zero on

I understand that he search the file in .ulaw, but why i don’t use the mp3 ?




ps fax:
7555 pts/0 S 0:00 /bin/sh /usr/sbin/safe_asterisk -U asterisk -G
7558 pts/0 Sl 0:06 \_ /usr/sbin/asterisk -f -U asterisk -G
asterisk -vvvg -c
7578 pts/0 S 0:00 \_ mpg123 -q -s –mono -r 8000 -b 2048 -f
8192 Fermeture.mp3
7580 pts/0 S 0:00 | \_ mpg123 -q -s –mono -r 8000 -b 2048
-f 8192 Fermeture.mp3

find /var/lib/asterisk/moh/


-rw-r–r– 1 asterisk asterisk 1396613 Nov 24 2010

thanks for your help


6 thoughts on - MOH Don’t Work After Update

  • Do you have the format_mp3 module loaded?

    Add-on modules are in the addons subdirectory. Typically, these modules are not built and installed by default, and have to be enabled in menuselect.


  • i use the package CentOS, i can’t use menuselect no ?

    but i think’s that is loaded:

    ipbx*CLI> module load Unable to load module Command ‘module load’ failed.
    [Jun 17 04:56:42] WARNING[8910]: loader.c:892 load_resource: Module
    ‘’ already exists. ipbx*CLI>

    2013/6/16 Matthew Jordan

  • i don’t think’s that it’s the same problems, because me is loaded:

    [root@ipbx Conf-Extensions]# asterisk -rx ‘core show file formats’
    Format Name Extensions
    —— —- ——–

  • If I read your log entries correctly, you are not playing any MOH at all. BackGround() normally plays sound files from the language dependent sound directory.


  • Is the subdir “Horaires” readable/executable for User Asterisk/Asterisk?

    Did you try to convert it to wav?

    Am 17.06.2013 09:47, schrieb Thorsten G