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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering how SIGTRAN/SS7oIP can fit into our currently 100% SIP model. We are looking to interconnect with the PSTN world, and our supplier has given us a few options. We can either do this over traditional PRIs, A-Links or the SS7IP new.

I am really interested in SIGTRAN, and was wondering how some of you have integrated it into your architecture. Can Asterisk handle SS70IP or do we have to put a yate or squire server at the end of that connection.

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  • Hello Mitul,

    Thank you so much for your response. During the testing phase we would like to employ an open source solution, and wanted to know what people have had success with, given the different user part etc..

    On a side note, anyone know of service providers offering SIGTRAN?

    Kind Regards,


  • There is no open source solution for SIGTRAN yet.

    If you come across one, do let everyone here know about it.

    You can however request some time restricted demo from Netfors or LeibICT.


  • What about projects like YATE, DiaStar, and mobicents (even though I
    have no idea how to approach that project in terms of downloading etc..). Are there any mature SS7/SIGTRAN stacks?

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