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I’m trying to to to “dial1” if caller id match:
but dial plan execute 220,n(dial1) regardless

exten => 220,n,GotoIf($[“${CALLERID(number)}” = “7804792668”]?dial1)
exten => 220,n(dial1),Dial(${sales_support}&${accounting}&${family},25,m(penguin)w)
exten => 220,n,

I was under impression that if condition is met it will jump to “n(label)” no comma in between but dial plan is executing it regardless.

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  • You’re correct in that GotoIf($[CONDITION]?label) will jump to the indicated label if the condition is true.

    However, without being told to go somewhere else when the condition is false, Asterisk will keep going at the next priority of the current extension.

    So, since your dialplan is something like:

    exten => 220,3,GotoIf(…)
    exten => 220,4(dial1),Dial(…)
    exten => 220,5,…

    When Asterisk sees the Goto as true, it jumps to the label dial1, which happens to be priority 4 (or whatever it actually is). When Asterisk sees the Goto as false, it’s not being told to do anything, so it moves on from priority 3, to the next available priority — which happens to be 4.

    If you want Asterisk to terminate the call when the condition of your Goto isn’t matched, then you could change your dialplan to something like…

    exten => 220,n,GotoIf($[“${CALLERID(number)}” = “7804792668”]?dial1:hangup,1)
    exten => 220,n(dial1),Dial(${sales_support}&${accounting}&${family},25,m(penguin)w
    exten => 220,n,…

    exten => hangup,1,Hangup()

    Or, you could of course jump anywhere else and do anything else with the call you want to.

    Thank you,

    Noah Engelberth MetaLINK Technologies

  • Thanks Noah, you are correct; I knew I’m missing some logic here.

    The correct way of doing it was to have only one line pointing to internal existing extension:
    exten => 220,n,GotoIf($[“${CALLERID(number)}” = “7804792668”]?internal,222,1)

    and if the condition is not true, the dial plan will keep continue on.