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Hi, I’ve already post this to the forum three days ago, sorry if it’s sounds like a crosspost, but I’ve got no replies, so I’m trying other channels 🙂

This is the link to the forum post if someone prefer to reply here:

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  • I think you have two questions here: what is the BRIDGE_UPDATE event telling you, and how do you know the DAHDI channel is communicating with the IAX trunk.

    A BRIDGE_UPDATE event occurs when a masquerade has happened and the participants in a bridge have been updated. In this particular case, the BRIDGE_UPDATE event is telling you that Local/1004@from-queue-00019c34;2 is no longer bridged with SIP/1004-000040ce, but is in fact now bridged with the IAX trunk IAX2/issuegroup-17175. That is, the IAX trunk has taken the place of the SIP channel. Since you were already informed that a bridge started between that Local channel half and the SIP channel, the event only needs to tell you who got replaced – which is what it does.

    So, how do you know that Local/1004@from-queue-00019c34;2 is associated with DAHDI/i1/96034296-30a3?

    By definition, Local channels *always* exist in pairs – the two channels together make up one path of communication. The two halves are denoted by a common name with a suffix of ‘;1’ and ‘;2’ – the first half gets the ‘;1’;
    the second half gets the ‘;2’. When both halves are answered, you know that audio will be forwarded from one half to the other and vice versa.

    Since you know that DAHDI/i1/96034296-30a3 is in a bridge with Local/1004@from-queue-00019c34;1 and Local/1004@from-queue-00019c34;2* *is in a bridge with IAX2/issuegroup-17175, you automatically know that DAHDI/i1/96034296-30a3 and IAX2/issuegroup-17175 can communicate (at least once everyone has Answered). The system you build on top of CEL has to understand the semantics of Local channels and tie the two together.