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Hello list,

‘Just wondering if anyone can point to a very light-weight and easy to incorporate into Asterisk (v. 11.x) to handle a minimal set of responses, like:
0 – 9
(maybe * and # for some people)

The idea is that within an IVR menu, the caller could respond by speaking to the typical IVR options, like:

For Archie, press or say 1 now
For Veronica, press or say 2 now
For Jughead, press or say 3 now

You have selected option 2 for Veronica, press 1 or say “yes” if this is correct.

If a voice response was received (not a DTMF key press) indeterminate, some status would be useful (beyond just a timeout).

It would be great if this was simple to code into the dialplan, much like like the current background/wait model for keypresses. Low cost or free would be nice too!

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Hi,

    some month ago we installed a VoiceRec-Module from Vestec
    ( on Asterisk 11.x. It works so far and you will find examples for your dialplan. It should be ok for your needs.


    Am 13.06.2013 23:19, schrieb asterisk users: