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Hello Everyone,

We are looking to interconnect with a local ILEC over an OC-n transport layer. They basically gave us two options in terms of mapping the SONET to the DS3:

* VT1.5s mapping
* DS1s mapping

The second option is quite clear. We would MUX the connection, and plug the lines into qaud t1 cads etc… The tech mentioned that with the second option we would also need a DACS to convert back to M13 mapping. I was scared to tell him that I could not follow can someone explain that to me kindly :).

I don’t know much about VT1.5 mapping. Can someone kindly explain what the benefits or lack of are in choosing that option. Also what type of additional equipment we would need?

In case I have overlooked something, can you gents please tell me what I will need in terms of hardware in both cases (minus routers and switches). What we are looking at is:

| OC-n
21 Asterisk boxes with quad T1s

Kind Regards,