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Thanks a lot Dona and jg for your inputs.

I’ll try to find some way to do this from Dialplan or AMI and let you guys know soon. Please share if you have some more ideas.

Regards, Rajib

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 18:34:46 +0200
From: jg
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So, B transfers the call and after bridging to C, B should get an announcement.

This is just an idea:
See whether you can dispatch the termination of the call leg B-C by evaluating the DIALSTATUS variable. I am not sure whether you can see this inside the dialplan, but you should get the event via AMI. This is only the 1st part of the solution.

A general solution would require a lot of things or may not be possible at all as you can transfer calls not only via Asterisk using DTMF
signalling, but also the SIP phones themselves might be capable of transferring calls, thereby circumventing Asterisk.