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hello everyone i have a simple question: i have an asterisk which is a h323 gateway and has a h323 connection to a cisco gatekeeper and a sip connection to a pbx.

my question is: how can i send all calls to gatekeeper?

i searched a lot and found that i should set gatekeeper2.168.0.X
(ip address of my gatekeeper) in h323.conf file. but what about extensions.conf file? should i define an extension like a simple h323 connection to gatekeeper (like
“exten=>_2.,1,Dial(H323/${EXTEN}@cisco_out,60,)”)? or no dial pattern need to be defined in extension.conf file? if we should define dial pattern, what is different between a simple trunk h323 connection and a gateway-gatekeeper h323 connection?

thanks in advance SAM