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I am trying to build Asterisk on a NetBSD system but I am running into two problems. The first only happens on an installation built from NetBSD HEAD. The config variable HAVE_NEWLOCALE is erroneously set during configure but this system does not have newlocale(). I can’t seem to find where this gets set to true.

Interestingly a stable release of NetBSD does not have this issue although it still has the second issue which I will start a separate thread for.

2 thoughts on - Where Is HAVE_NEWLOCALE Set?

  • What version of asterisk is it? It is set by the configure script (look for ‘newlocale’ in configure.ac).

  • It’s version 11.4.0 which is supposedly the latest. Yes, it is in AC_CHECK_FUNCS. I just don’t understand why it thinks that it exists.

    By “stable” I mean NetBSD 6.0.1 (GENERIC) amd64.