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Hello guys,

I looking for some dial plan which can mach on +xxx numbers instead of
00xxx numbers. Some users of main use + instead of 00 for international dial. Is there any solution for this problem?
As far as i readed in asterisk is some kind of replacement of characters in dial plan command. Could i use that for archiving this option?

Thank you for help.


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  • Hi,

    swap the + sign to double zeros if your provider can’t handle it

    ; normal 00 prefix exten => _00ZZXXXXXXX.,1,Macro(beforealldials)
    exten => _00ZZXXXXXXX.,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@${OUTGOING_LINE})
    exten => _00ZZXXXXXXX.,n,Hangup()

    ; swap + prefix to 00
    exten => _+ZZXXXXXXX.,1,Macro(beforealldials)
    exten => _+ZZXXXXXXX.,n,Dial(SIP/00${EXTEN:1}@${OUTGOING_LINE})
    exten => _+ZZXXXXXXX.,n,Hangup()

    regards adam