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Greetings. Anyone have any recommendations for studying for the dCAP Certification? Other than the expensive digium courses, there doesn’t seem to be anything online.


Michael Gilleran

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  • Hi,

    If you read, O’Reilly – Asterisk – The Definitive Guide – 3rd Edition, you should be ready for take the test.

    Of course, you must read voip-info too.

    Carlos Rojas Dcap 2171

  • The best guide is the Asterisk Fefinitive guide and a virtual machine so you can install several Asterisk servers and make them talk to each other.

    – — Bandwidth and Colocation Provided by http://www.api-digital.com

  • I just took the dCap exam Friday. Good things to study is to take the dcaa exam online. If you can breeze thought that, you should be in good shape for the written. As for the practical exam. You’ll want to make sure you know endpoints, dahdi, and trunking.

    However, I also took the advanced class last week before the exam. I can’t recommend this course enough! 3000.00 in my opinion if way too low of price! The instructors are beyond awesome, they included lunches every day, I received a d40, pri card, 4 port analog with 1fxo and 1fxs module, backpack, t shirt, awesome dialplan trix that after 10 years of selling, installing, and supporting asterisk systems I didn’t know because they don’t seem to be documented were I normally look for documentation… I could go on and on and on.

    If you have the time to take a week for the class, I highly recommend you do. The value will be returned to you in no time! This course will give you more confidence and increase your proficiency!

    I am more satisfied with this class than I thought possible!

    Carlos Chavez wrote: