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when picking up an incoming call from one ip phone on another ip phone, the call terminates after about 5 to 10 seconds.

When reading out the hangup cause variable in the h-extention of the dialplan, the hangup cause seems to be 111.

In the dialplan output, you can see that SIP-peer sipacc3 picks up the incoming channel SipAgenT01-00001454, and the call is answered. After 7
seconds, the conversation is terminated.

/[Jun 6 10:13:15] VERBOSE[21118] pbx.c: [Jun 6 10:13:15] — Executing
[120@sub-pickup:25] Pickup(“SIP///sipacc//3-0000147c”,
“SIP/SipAgenT01-00001454@PICKUPMARK”) in new stack//
//[Jun 6 10:13:15] VERBOSE[20788] app_queue.c: [Jun 6 10:13:15]

One thought on - Hangup Cause 111 After Call Pickup

  • Hi Jonas,

    when the calls is answered, do you have correct both-way audio as well?

    Please enter “sip set debug on” on the Asterisk console and paste the output. It could also be helpful if you could paste your dialplan.