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  • The notes suggest that MP3 patent issues are a factor so I guessed that’s why it is excluded from the tarball

    When building with rpmbuild the tarball is usually not unpacked manually, hence my own proposed patch looks in /tmp for the mp3 code –
    it could just as easily use your the patch from Debian as an input though, as long as it can be found in /tmp or some other predefined location.

  • How would you do that in a proper chrooted build?

    The proper fix would be to applow to use a newer version of mpglib that is included with some distributions.

  • I’m not claiming that this was a proper fix – it is just a bare minimum to allow offline builds with rpmbuild. Although it has the feeling of a hack, it doesn’t prevent anybody implementing a more elegant solution in future.

    On the other hand, I was thinking about simply making up my own branch of the code and a repackaged tarball and maybe even publishing some convenient binary RPMs for everybody who wants to try this. I realise that asterisk-11.deb packages are a work in progress too, I didn’t want to put pressure on people to finish them, that’s why I’ve just been talking about the RPMs today.