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I tried installing the Asterisk 11 RHEL6 packages from packages.asterisk.org

I followed this guide:

The SRTP support appears to be missing though. I notice libsrtp was not automatically installed as a dependency, and no srtp module exists under

Is it still necessary to do a source build every time SRTP is needed?
Or is the srtp module distributed in some other rpm?

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  • I tried building manually from the source RPM

    Before running rpmbuild, I installed libsrtp-devel and I notice that res_srtp.so is generated during the build

    However, the rpmbuild fails for other reasons (see the other email I
    sent to the list about mISDNutils-devel and other spec file errors)

    Can you confirm the exact procedure you recommend for rpmbuild on a CentOS6 system?