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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to getting converged with the local ILEC here in Canada
(Bell or Telus), and was wondering if I can get some more information about typical setups. DIDs and channel offerings from third party clecs does not fit our business model and that’s why we are looking to purchasing phone numbers directly from the ILEC, and manging our own PRIs for a convergence of sorts. My questions are:

* Do we need a T1/3 of DS3 connection setup, or can we function of regular IPX, DSL, Fiber…
* If we can function on a regular fiber or DSL connection, which media gateways provide a WAN interface for such a connection, or will we need a ethernet to T1 adapter to plug our connection to the appliance
(e.g., audiocodes or sangoma).

Finally, if you have recently setup such an interconnection, some details on what to expect, options and so on would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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