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I was wondering if there is anyone following the list that has this or similar PCI cards running in a 1U server. If so, could you possibly recommend a PCI card bus adapter? I’m not sure exactly which kind I’ll need.

I plan on researching the different types of adapters I can purchase for my specific mobo (Supermicro X9SCA-F), but I’d like to not waste time by ordering an incorrect adapter and figured it might be prudent to ask you good folks 🙂

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

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  • I have some 1-U servers running using Xeon processors with the Asus RS100-E7/PI2 barebone. There’s only room for a single card and in my case I am using PCI-E Sangoma B500 cards. Geometry is the basic problem. But this should not be a problem for your T1/E1 card. I had problems using a Sangoma B700 hybrid card. You do need an adapter (if it doesn’t come with the board or barebone) as the cards are at least of
    2-U size.


  • Thanks! Yeah I’ll certainly need the adapter since one did not come with the board, I guess I was looking for advice on which one’s people are using with their cards, but I suppose and ol’ pci-e -> 32-bit PCI
    should work in the case of the TE410P, lol.