DAHDI-Linux And DAHDI-Tools 2.7.0-rc1 Now Available

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The Asterisk Development Team has announced the releases of:

This release is available for immediate download at:
http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/dahdi-linux http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/dahdi-tools http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/dahdi-linux-complete

In this release:
* Driving closer towards sysfs configuration of dahdi devices
* New wcte13xp base driver

Tzafrir Cohen:
xpp: FXO: fix firmware pol-rev detection
README: xpp: xpd_fxo param use_polrev_firmware
README: xpp: xpd_fxo: new value of caller_id_style
Copy xpp module docs from README.Astribank
README: subsections for module parameters docs
Only use bus and no class for channel devices
Document new channel sysfs interface
How to get OSLEC from dahdi-linux-extra
README fixes: DKMS indentation and such
xpp: also install the new .201 fixrmware files
README: note on DKMS
dev_set_name(): remove unneeded ‘;’
xpp: style: fix an improper line break.
xpp: fix “non-const” index, right header, indent

Matthew Fredrickson:
wcb4xxp: Support for when network side deactivates layer1.

Russ Meyerriecks:
wcte13xp: New driver for digium’s te13x product range
dahdi: Do not define trace_printk if CONFIG_TRACING is not defined.
dahdi: Fix unused variable compile warning
Kbuild: Fix OSLEC build error
Merge tag ‘review-sysfs-chan’ of http://git.tzafrir.org.il/git/dahdi-linux into for-trunk
dahdi: Remove ‘getlin_lastchunk’ from struct dahdi_chan.
dahdi-base: Minor maint mode error

Oron Peled:
xpp: FXO: add a “squelch_polrev” parameter
xpp: FXO: common function for POLREV reporting
xpp: FXO: new CID style — passthrough
xpp: FXO: in-firmware polarity-reversal detection
sysfs: new channel attr (ec_factory, ec_state)
sysfs: stringify channels ‘sigcap’ attribute
dahdi: sysfs: add channel attributes
dahdi: sysfs: use dynamically allocated chrdev’s
dahdi: sysfs: chrdev region (not usefull yet)
dahdi: sysfs: a channel bus (not usefull yet)
xpp: FXS: improve fxs_info output layout
xpp: BRI: make it always SYNC_MODE_AB (like PRI)
xpp: PRI/BRI: fix channels opening/closing:
xpp: init_card: better variable naming
Remove support for kernels < 2.6.18 sysfs channels: cleanup device files handling sysfs channels: dahdi-sysfs-chan.c sysfs channels: refactor compat macros sysfs: add 'lineconfig' attribute to span dahdi: build fix for Kernels < 2.6.16 code cleanup: remove unused debug_printk() code cleanup - refactor module_printk() fix class_create() return value test xpp: FXO: improve ring debounce notice show Master change to/from core timer A channel-less span should not crash dahdi better chan_printk() output dahdi: style - checkpatch clean dahdi-sysfs.c xpp: style - remove extra braces xpp: style - kfree() is NULL safe xpp: style - add const to file_operations xpp: style - manual whitespace/line-breaks cleanup xpp: style - one macro cleanup xpp: style - no more typedef byte xpp: style - place EXPORT_SYMBOL() (manually) xpp: style - clean many long lines (manually) xpp: style - Run Lindent xpp: style - convert typedef of byte to __u8 xpp: style - add space after comma xpp: style - insert space afer if/while/for/switch xpp: style - Remove space before tabs xpp: style - Remove 0/NULL static initializers xpp: style: convert __FUNCTION__ to __func__ xpp: style - remove eolspace Shaun Ruffell: xpp: Don’t use create_proc_read_entry() dahdi_dynamic_ethmf: Don’t use create_proc_read_entry() dahdi: Replace create_proc_entry() with proc_create_data() oct612x: Fix confusing compile error when kernel source is not present wcte12xp: Reset all the framer registers when switching linemodes. wcte12xp: Allow non-interrupting cards to unload faster. dahdi: Completely stop spans when unassigning. dahdi: Prevent potential error when only switching spantype of single span. wcte12xp: Look for multiple loopup codes before setting looping up the framer. wct4xxp: Allow vpm450m.c to compile against vanilla 2.6.18. wctdm24xxp: Fix FXO failure to detect battery CO disconnects. dahdi: Prevent memory corruption on device unload. wct4xxp: Companding on VPM needs to be changed when switching linemodes. oct612x: Break the oct612x out into a separate library. dahdi: Save the current maintstat in the span before calling into the drivers. build_tools/make_version: Only strip ‘v’ if followed by a digit. dahdi: Tear down conference links when conferences are emptied out. dahdi: Restore DAHDI_CONFLINK functionality as compile time option. dahdi: Give timers their own file_operations dahdi: Decrease dahdi_timer_lock contention. dahdi: Remove call to lock_kernel when calling unlocked_ioctl. dahdi: Initialize the channels cdev structure. sysfs: Remove signed one-bit fields. dahdi: Trivial change of ‘__u32’ -> ‘u32’ in struct dahdi_count.
dahdi: Move ‘timingslips’ in with the other maintenance counters.
dahdi: Only watch transitions of ABIT when using E&M signalling.
Revert “dahdi_dynamic_eth: Move tx packet flushing to process context.”
dahdi_dynamic: Use a tasklet for flushing dynamic drivers.
dahdi: Running without the Big Kernel Lock (BKL) is no longer experimental.
dahdi: Remove unused ‘rxbufpolicy’ and ‘rxdisable’ from dahdi_chan.
wctdm24xxp: Set dahdi_span.spantype to SPANTYPE_ANALOG_MIXED.
wct4xxp: Ensure all spans are configured by default.
dahdi: Filter ‘HWEC’ from DAHDI_GETVERSION results if hwec is really not present.
dahdi: Increase the number of conference buffers to eight.
dahdi_ioctl_spanstat() backward compat hack
sysfs: refactor lineconfig string representation
sysfs: add a linecompat span attribute
convert span->spantype to enumerated type
wcb4xxp: Fix typo in last commit that broke compilation.
Remove Makefiles that are only needed on kernels < 2.6.9 Update Digium copyright on files changed since beginning of the year. dahdi: Remove __exit annotation from dahdi_sysfs_exit(). dahdi: Use monotonic clock for coretimer. The diffstat from the v2.6.2 release: Makefile | 10 +- README | 316 +- build_tools/make_version | 2 +- drivers/dahdi/Kbuild | 12 +- drivers/dahdi/Makefile | 6 – drivers/dahdi/dahdi-base.c | 785 +++