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I want IM messages between Softphone clients like Ekiga and MicroSIP. I don’t care about SMS/GTALK etc. I only need this.

I followed this guys tutorial here:

But this wasn’t intended for IM messages. It works kinda interestingly. When you send a message to your contact let’s say 200 then he will get it but cannot message back in the same window. The message will come from Asterisk (

Instead he have to initiate messaging to user 100 (me). This way he will have to keep switching between the 2 windows, read the responses in one, write them in the other. If he tries to reply in the ASTERISK window the message will always time out.

This itself wouldn’t be a serious issue BUT the messages put the SIP channel into busy mode. After any of us send a message to the other we cannot call each other anymore because it will show BUSY status even worse sometimes when a client crashes asterisk stucks into an infinite loop from that message script and keep sending the last few messages forever until I restart it manually 🙁

Do I need to configure Jabber server for this or is it enough to modify that SMS sender config?