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I’ve got a curious project that I could use some input on. I’d like to use Asterisk to record some audio channels via USB ‘soundcard’. When audio passes through the soundcard, Asterisk should grab that audio channel (CONSOLE?), and write it to a wav file. I’m perfectly competent with the dialplan portion of the recording, but I don’t know about the following:

-How does Asterisk “know” a new audio stream/source is beginning/ending?
-Can I have more than one “CONSOLE” device
-Is ALSA or OSS the preferred audio system with Asterisk these days (Asterisk 11 presumably)

Any thoughts? Or, do you have any alternative ideas that would work better than using Asterisk for this?



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  • What are you trying to accomplish?

    What is the USB ‘sound card’ attached to?

    Your description is too cryptic for someone to propose a solution.


  • You are still being a bit evasive but should I understand that you want to run a headless machine with open microphones that records what ever it hears?
    What do you want to do with each sound bite?
    How long does the silence have to be before you close the recording and dispose of it (save, e-mail, upload, whatever).

    Sounds like a security monitoring package (minus the video) should do the job?

    A little Googleing shows up these.

    What else do you want it to do?


  • I’ll take a stab, since you said no GUI and also USB based mic. Raspberry Pi project? I’m interested in this vein as well, especially after the recent post about voice recognition. I was thinking that Raspberry Pi’s with mics could live around my house and all have dedicated always-open channels to a conference bridge in the main asterisk box. I was planning on using ALSA and a USB mic on a local Raspberry Pi asterisk instance.

    So given that we know basically what you are trying to do, the original question was OSS versus ALSA for USB mic, correct? Has anyone had any thoughts on that? I thought ALSA was built in to the kernel and OSS
    required some hacks. But that is a pretty fuzzy recollection.


  • So what is the fix for it?

    It was working all fine, all of a sudden it stopped working.

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  • Do you need to use Asterisk for this? What’s wrong with using the “rec”

    $ rec -b8 -r8k -c1 file01.wav

    Also, please — and don’t take this too personally, because you are by no means the only guilty party; this applies to other users as well, and they know who they are — when asking questions on this list, please try not to come across sounding furtive or evasive. Not only is it easier to answer a question with too much information than too little, but a question asked with such an air of secrecy about it actually dissuades people from offering help.
    It looks as though you are deliberately concealing information because you don’t trust us not to “steal” an idea for which you are about to take the full credit. This is contrary to the very spirit of the mailing list, which is all about sharing information, and people will naturally close ranks to squeeze out that sort of behaviour.