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i am trying to install asterisk newer version on the Elastix machine, but while installing the chan_sip,c module is not building while make. when i see in make menuselect options it showing “XXX” — extended , please let me know how to enable it and make build chan_sip module.

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  • from makeselect you’ll find chan_sip depends on the following
    Depends on: chan_local(M), res_crypto(M), res_http_websocket(M)

    then you’ll find res_crytpo is dependant on open_ssl
    Depends on: openssl(E)

    which for me on debian wheezy is

    Alec Davis

  • hi,

    chan_local and res_crypto are building but the chan_sip is not building . installed openssl also but still the chan_sip not building.

  • hi,

    there is no build errors , but the thing is that on Elastix Machine i want to install asterisk1.8.11.0 , while make the chan_sip module is not building, and when i see in the memuselect the chan_sip module driver showing as “XXX” to enable for building.

  • ./menuselect/contrib/menuselect-dummy -c
    ./menuselect/contrib/menuselect-dummy -m sip -v

    What’s the output?

  • hi all,

    After installing packages openssl and openssl-devel packages the chan_sip is building ….. 🙂 🙂
    thanks to all for ur help.

  • please provide more information. how you are try to build asterisk, what is output of configure. witch headers configure script not found etc.