ChanIsAvail Function Is Breaking The Round Robin Strategy

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Hello everybody,

i have two gsm line (extra channels) and i’d like to schedule the outgoing calls with a round-robin strategy. If all the gsm lines are busy, the call must be sent to the pri lines with a linear strategy.

here is the dialplan:

exten => gsm,ChanIsAvail(EXTRA/r2&DAHDI/g1)
same => n,GotoIf($[“${AVAILORIGCHAN}” = “”]?unavail,1)

The problem is that the ChanIsAvail function is breaking the round robin strategy. When this function is executed i can see in the console this message:

Hungup ‘EXTRA/3-1’

and when the Dial function is executed only the EXTRA/1 channel is selected, never the EXTRA/3 one.

that happen because ChanIsAvail affect the round-robin selection marking a channel as just used when it has only been checked.

Anyone can see a solution to that problem?

Thank you very much, im using asterisk 1.6.2 and dahdi 2.2.1 on a debian squeeze station.