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I have bumped into the thralling penguin page on linux vs solaris for Asterisk. Does the benchmark still hold with the newer versions of kernels? Curious to know of your thoughts. Also, they mentioned running it on Sun Fire x2100, but no benchmarks were given for that.

Can increased performance be accomplished simply by changing to Solaris or OpenSolaris?

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— Nick.

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  • Nick Khamis wrote:

    Searching my Asterisk-users archives that go back to the beginning of
    2010, there have been only 3 posters, with a total of 22 messages about Solaris and various parts of Asterisk. My guess is that there just isn’t anybody that has an answer for you.

    My suggestion would be Google.


  • Hello Doug,

    A quick sift through, yielded many unanswered questions, questions with returning questions etc… There was even an email that had the same subject line. Surely, the creator of that email could take a second and say
    “don’t do it”, or “the SolarisVoIP project is a flop”
    Surely a lot has changed since this question was raised in 2006.

    I’m not asking how to get my zaptel running on Solaris, but rather, if there are any performance that can be gained using a Solaris+Asterisk setup for SIP. Also, what are some recent experiences…

    Kind Regards,