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I’m trying to use AGC in combination with Asterisk 1.8 and an odd telephone which is very loud when used with a headset and more quiet when used “normal”.

Regarding to the documentation, AGC should be available since * 1.6 –
but every time I want to set it, the CLI tells me:

— Executing [0160xxxxxxx@intern:2] Set(“SIP/intern-xxx-000000d2”,

One thought on - Asterisk 1.8-cert And AGC

  • AGC is provided by func_speex. Both it and the DENOISE function wrap facilities provided by libspeex; as such, if you don’t have libspeex and its dependencies installed func_speex won’t be available.

    You can verify whether or not you have all of the dependencies for func_speex in menuselect.