AstriCon 2013 (our 10th AstriCon) Needs YOU!

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As we plan for our 10th AstriCon, which will be in Atlanta, GA the week commencing October 7th, we want to make sure that our conference sessions are the best they’ve ever been!

That’s why we need YOU to submit a speaking proposal – to share you experiences and ideas around Asterisk!

The best sessions at AstriCon are always those from the Community that show what you’ve been up to with Asterisk, new ways that you’ve put Asterisk to work, etc. – where you’re showing a use case or some additional stuff that you’ve developed within, or in addition to, Asterisk – we’re waiting to hear from you…

If your speaking submission is accepted, you will get a free all-access pass pass for the whole event – worth $495 (and that’s the early bird price, lasts until the end of June).

Please make your speaking submission at

If you are a developer, do remember our AstriDevCon get-together which is traditionally on the Monday – this is where the Community discusses new features and the priorities are set for future Asterisk releases.

At AstriCon, we also seek to recognise those in the Community that have made great contributions – if you have any nominations for this year, please let me know.

REMEMBER: If you’re serious about Asterisk, you’ll be at AstriCon! Registration is at

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