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I migrated from asterisk 1.6 to 11.3. The Server has a Sangoma A104 quadPri card installed. OS is a fresh installed Ubuntu 12.04 64bit libpri, dahdi etc. all latest releases..

Sangoma says… driver is compatible with ANY asterisk version…

I tried driver 3.5.8… Setup ended with error. I tried (latest) driver 7.0.1 Setup went through, Asterisk is showing dahdi channels… all fine…. I thought… but..:

when dialing Dial(DAHDI/i0/number)

it accepts the call, but generates a DAHDI/Pseudo channel and the call goes not into the PSTN…

What am I doing wrong?

Has anybody successfully compiled sangoma driver 7.0.1 in combination with an asterisk 11.3?

thanks for hints, regards, yves

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  • We have had challenges with the latest kernel versions on Ubuntu and sangoma wanpipe drivers

    An older kernel – no problem, latest ones, sometime risky. There are release notes on their site stating the supported versions so it might pay to check that

    But if it compiled ok it might be something else

    Sangoma support will dial in and help you if you ask them

    Cheers Duncan

  • mmh… actually supportline is closed…

    why proceeds the call to dahdi/pseudo-xxxx??

    i have never seen this before…

    thx., yves

    Am 13.05.2013 11:42, schrieb Duncan Turnbull:

  • Dial(DAHDI/i0/number, is it not Dial(DAHDI/r0/number or Dial(DAHDI/R0/number or Dial(DAHDI/g0/number or Dial(DAHDI/G0/number?

  • that was the syntax before 1.8 or 11.x I think…

    what about “pseudo”?


    Am 13.05.2013 13:16, schrieb Asghar Mohammad:

  • – solved –
    it turned out that libpri was not compiled correctly… and… Asgars comment about group systax is correct.

    thx &
    regards, yves Am 13.05.2013 13:21, schrieb Yves A.: