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I am using Asterisk 11.0.1 and do not notice any changes regarding the Transfer on newer Asterisk 11.x versions.

I am using AMI and controlling a channel via AsyncAGI.

I send a Transfer cmd (such as the following)

Action: AGI

ActionID: C8

Channel: SIP/1004-00000002

CommandID: C8

Command: EXEC Transfer SIP/1003

Destination phone starts ringing.

If it answers the call, everything works fine. I am notified the agiexec completed successfully and given a TRANSFERSTATUS of SUCCESS. I
am also notified when the call is hungup so that I can cleanup information regarding the call.

Event: Hangup

Privilege: call,all

Channel: SIP/1004-00000002

Uniqueid: 1367761382.0

CallerIDNum: 1004

CallerIDName: 1004 – Asterisk



AccountCode: 3

Cause: 16

Cause-txt: Normal Clearing

However, if the destination does not answer the Transfer (SIP REFER) and I hangup the original call being transferred, it stops ringing the destination phone and partially notifies me of the completed call.

However, I do not receive any Event: Hangup for the original Channel:

In fact, I do not receive any information for the agiexec completing.

The very last event notification I receive with this channel is the following

Event: AGIExec

Privilege: agi,all

SubEvent: Start

Channel: SIP/1004-00000002

CommandId: 556226156

Command: EXEC Transfer SIP/1003

Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?

Are there any known fixes for this?

Or should I submit a bug to the developer list?

Have a great day!