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How to test 911 call?

I’m using Audiocodes and it setup to strip the first number but I’ve never tested the 911 call.
I don’t want to go live as they might charge me.

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  • Joseph,

    I have made a quite a few test calls to 911. They don’t charge you and they don’t get upset.

    Just let them know right away it is a non-emergency test call, and then let them know who you are and what you need to verify on their information screen.

    Mark Engelhardt

  • If there is a non-emergency number you can call and let them know you would like to do some test calls. This also allows you to schedule a time for testing when the PSAP is not as busy allowing for real calls to be handled.

  • I actually work in a 911 center. Please do not dial blindly to do a test call. Please call the non-emergency dispatch number, ask if it would be ok to make one or two test calls. If they give you the ok, please complete those calls as quickly as possible as conditions change in an instant. If they give you permission at 9am, don’t wait until 5pm to do the test. Further, most 911/PSAP centers are not busy after 10pm local time, please consider doing your testing in the overnight hours. Again, please check with your local 911/PSAP to confirm when their peak times are and try to avoid them.

    Here is a good script to read when speaking to the 911 call taker:

    Hello my name is (your name) with (company name). We are performing a test
    911 call and would like to confirm some information if you have a moment.
    (if they answer go ahead, continue with the script. If they advise now is not a good time, say thank you and disconnect. In a 30 to 60 minutes call the non-emergency number and ask if you may make another test call)

    (continuing the script) Can you please confirm the address that shows up on your phone system please? (wait and confirm the info) Great thank you. If you can, please tell me the number you show we are calling from? (wait and confirm) Can you confirm for me which 911/PSAP center we have reached?
    ( wait and confirm this is the proper 911/PSAP you need) (if this is the first of several calls:) Thank you very much for your time, we will be making (xx number) of calls in the next few minutes. (if this is the end of your testing:) Thank you very much for your time, this concludes our testing.

    Good luck with your phone testing.

    Regards, James

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  • Quite a few SIP providers will have 911 testing functionality. Our main 911 provider lets you dial 933. Than they read back to you the address information that is transmitted with the 911 call.