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I need two scenarios:

1) If someone sent SMS message, then we need to query information from the database based on information sent by the SMS (like the name or the mobile number), after querying from the database, we need to reply by the SMS. Can asterisk do this? To which level?

2) I have vtiger CRM, and it is possible to send SMS (there is a button: send SMS), the question is: what is the required to be able to send the message from the vtiger CRM via asterisk SMS module?

Regards Bilal

One thought on - SMS Scenario

  • SMS sending and receiving is all part of chan_extra.

    When an SMS message comes in, Asterisk sets some channel variables and fires off a call to an extension. This can then call an AGI script to do various things with the message.

    Variables that are set include: ${SMSSRC} = the sender’s number, ${SMSTXT} the message text, ${SMSPDU} = the message PDU as hex digits. You can pass these as parameters to the AGI script.

    I haven’t done much hacking in the internals of vTiger; but as it’s all web-
    based, the chances are the “send SMS” button just calls a CGI script. This can then issue an Asterisk command to send an SMS message.

    All the fun stuff basically is done with external scripts (AGI for Asterisk-
    triggered events and CGI for web browser clicks).