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Hi all,

I had to re-install a new machine and noticed that by default, ip was only listening on, thus ipv4 only. Easily changed.

However, when looking at iax.conf, I found here the same, but it looks like iax is still ipv4 only?
If i change “bindaddr2.168.0.1” towards “bindaddr=::”, and look with
“lsof -i” iax is still not listening on V6.

Is iax/ipv6 still on the “TODO-list” ?


One thought on - IPv6

  • The IAX2 channel driver does not currently support IPv6. While it would be a nice improvement, there are no plans to perform this work at this time.

    Of course, the Asterisk open source developer community could take this work on, which would be a welcome addition to Asterisk 12.